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Buttock Injections

The modern world has given us more control over our bodies than at any time in the past. Humans have probably been interested in looking desirable since prehistoric times, but up until recently most people felt limited to the body they were born with. For the last few decades there has been plastic surgery available to those who could afford it, but this is outside the price range of most people. There are new procedures though, like hydrogel buttock injections that have made body augmentation a consideration for more people than ever before.

The Ideal Female Buttocks

The idea for what is considered the ideal female buttock has changes over the years, and it differs between cultures. In the west the hour glass figure is viewed by most women to be the most desirable, and this involves a buttock that is shaped in a particular way so as to emphasize the hips. Unfortunately most women are not born with the perfect hour glass figure, and this means that they need to work to achieve it. Some will be able to achieve their goal through strict diet and exercise, but this is not an option for everyone. This is why some will consider options such as buttock injections.

Hydrogel Buttock Injections

Hydrogel buttock injections involve injecting a substance into the areas of the body where augmentation is required. This gel acts as a type of filler because it causes the area where it is injected to expand. Hydrogel is made up of 97% water and it also contains a material that turns it into a gel. These buttock injections take about two hours to perform, and it takes up to two weeks before the desired effect is achieved. The estimation for how long this augmentation lasts varies – some say at least 18 months while others claim much longer than this. There can be a fair bit of redness and swelling after the procedure and this can last for a few days. The individual will also usually be expected to start a course of antibiotics prior to the procedure.

Are Buttock Injections a Good Option?

It is good that people have more options these days when it comes to getting their body as they would like it to be. This is not just about vanity because people can struggle to feel happy so long as they are uncomfortable with their looks.

It is up to each individual to decide for themselves if a buttock injection is a good option. Hydrogel is not approved by the FDA, but there are apparently some plastic surgeons who are willing to use it because they believe that it provided a viable solution. It is therefore vital that each individual looks carefully at the pros and cons before choosing this option. It is also important to keep in mind that buttock injections might not be a good option for everyone. Those who can achieve desirable results using exercise and diet might be better off choosing that option.

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